Lights Have Arrived!

Yes, they have! What an exciting time. I have been back in Peru for 2 months now, and together with my business partner, Washington Gibaja Tapia, we have opened an office, hired a bunch of local people, and started getting solar lights out into the communities where people have NO electricity at all! The last months have been exhilarating  exhausting, and rewarding. Our first real shipment of lights arrived a few weeks ago, and we have been able to start our distribution to the wonderful people in the communities.

Instead of my usual ramblings, I would really like to share with you a glimpse of our work through Washi’s eyes as he tells about our trek to Yanamayo and Testayoc:

October 26th and 27th were memorable days in our lives, when we departed Cusco, the capital of the Incas Civilization, to drive 4 hours to the Andean communities of Yanamayo and then walk to Tastayoc, at 14,000 feet. We took Solar lights

Bringing the Lights

Bringing the Lights

with us to share with approximately 78 families that since their Ancestors are living with no Access to electricity. They use just kerosene and candles that have cost so much pain in their communities, because their homes made out of Straw and wood roofs have been in fire and damaged and killed so many children and entire families in this part of Peru and as well around the world. As well, they spend 75 to 80 dollars a year in buying these low light Candles and kerosene.

Washi Explains Solar Light

We shared the lights and explained every single detail on how to use them with all the families of Yanamayu, and we experienced the connection with all the children, smiling and being curious with the solar lights. We then walked for 4 hours to the Paso at approximately 15,500 feet and to the community name Tastayoc, were a hailstorm came back for some time and then the sun returned to charge every light that I am sure were used by the families the night before.
Every family now in those two communities has the three lights S1=$14, S10 = $19 and S250 = $49 that will be used for many years, because every one of them has a 2 year warranty and they are LED lights which last about 30 years.

She will have more time to weave

During this trip, we distributed lights to 78 families. 61 families were subsidized through Path of the Heart , and the rest were from other donors. This is why we are excited to bring more lights in the near future to more communities with your help. The cool rain, hailstorm, sun and low oxygen won’t stop us from keep doing the good work in all the communities that are waiting for us to change their lives in the best positive way and change the darkness of the past with lights of the future.

Her First Light

Her First Light!

Best wishes and thanks for your support on bringing lights to the communities.

In closing, I would like to thank Washi for helping to make this incredible journey possible. Without his help, knowledge and hard work, Lights for Communities would not be possible. If you would like to help support our project, you can go here to buy a light! Thanks to everyone for your support in the past, and your continued support.

Look at those lights!

Beautiful Family with Lights!


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