New Chapter……..

“It’s not the destination, so much as the journey.” – Captain Jack Sparrow

I am old. Well, many people may argue that point. But my point is that I have lived quite a life. Many chapters in a book that have gotten me to this point.

As I start a new chapter, working with indigenous Andean girls in the Sacred Valley of Perú, I am compelled to write about my experiences in this new land. If time permits, I may digress to previous chapters such as being one of the first female vendors in the vendors’ union @ Shea Stadium, getting smashed by a ton of bricks when I was an engineer, building a 2,500 sq. ft. log house by hand with my family, meeting various celebrities as I grew up in NYC,  zip-lining one mile at 60 mph over a one mile high rainforest, or raising 2 incredibly talented children.

But for now, it’s this adventure in Perú.

Read my posts, and follow my journey……….


7 responses to “New Chapter……..

  • Rosanne Malusa

    Would Love to hear about the other exciting life details also!

  • Teri Goodall-Komar

    Your adventure (and a little football talk) was a major topic at Charlie’s 80th birthday party yesterday. Andy couldn’t talk in more glowing and supportive tones; he is counting the days until he joins you both in your latest journey. Your in-laws and relatives are all excited for you, and quite in awe of your courage, pioneer spirit, and commitment to such a challenging cause. You are indeed inspirational to all who hear your story, and I look forward to keeping up with your experiences on the blog, if not in person. Love, Teri

    • akomar

      Teri, We are so blessed to have such a loving and supportive family. There is no way that we would be able to do this without Andy’s full support. We certainly cannot wait until he joins us for Christmas! As you know, Jacob was just here, assisting with the set-up of the computer lab… and the financial support we’ve received from family members to make the lab happen is incredible. Again, we are truly grateful for all of you – it would be so much more difficult to do this alone. I am hoping to post a few times per week… so stay tuned! And…. you know we would certainly enjoy a visit! Love, Alicia

  • wisdom

    I can confirm that you are, in fact, old.

  • norma

    Love the photos and the update! So true what you said, “Sometimes less is more.” We are so spoiled…

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